Contracting Plus UK: Everything You Need to Know

If you`re a contractor in the UK, it can be challenging to navigate the complex tax and legal requirements that come with self-employment. That`s where Contracting Plus UK comes in. This specialist contractor services provider has been helping contractors with all aspects of their business for over 15 years. In this article, we`ll take a closer look at what Contracting Plus UK offers and how it can benefit you as a contractor.

What is Contracting Plus UK?

Contracting Plus UK is a provider of specialist contractor services, including accountancy, tax, and legal advice. They help contractors who work in a range of industries, such as IT, engineering, healthcare, and construction. Contracting Plus UK`s services are designed to help contractors focus on their work without worrying about the complex administrative tasks that come with self-employment.

What services does Contracting Plus UK offer?

Contracting Plus UK offers a range of services to help contractors manage their finances, stay compliant with tax and legal requirements, and grow their business. Some of the key services include:

– Accountancy and bookkeeping: Contracting Plus UK provides expert accountancy and bookkeeping services, ensuring that contractors have accurate financial records and meet their tax obligations.

– Tax advice: UK tax laws can be complex, but Contracting Plus UK can help contractors navigate the regulations and ensure they are paying the correct amount of tax.

– Legal advice: As a contractor, you may need legal advice on issues such as contracts, intellectual property, and liability. Contracting Plus UK can provide specialist legal advice on these matters.

– Business development: Contracting Plus UK can also help contractors with business development, providing support with marketing, sales, and general business strategy.

– Contractor payroll: Contracting Plus UK offers a payroll service that ensures contractors receive their payments on time and accurately.

What are the benefits of using Contracting Plus UK?

There are several benefits to using Contracting Plus UK. Firstly, their services can help contractors save time and reduce stress by taking care of the administrative tasks associated with self-employment. This, in turn, can free up more time to focus on your work and potential business growth.

Secondly, Contracting Plus UK`s specialist expertise in tax and legal matters can help ensure that contractors remain compliant with regulations and avoid costly mistakes.

Finally, Contracting Plus UK`s business development services can help contractors grow their business, potentially increasing their income and job security.


Overall, Contracting Plus UK offers a range of specialist services that can benefit contractors in the UK. By taking care of administrative tasks and providing expert advice on tax, legal, and business matters, Contracting Plus UK can help contractors save time, reduce stress, and potentially increase their income. If you`re a contractor in the UK, it`s worth considering the benefits of using Contracting Plus UK to manage your business.